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Residential open houses

Improving the residential open house experience.


Live - https://kagent.com


My business partner Tom has decades of experience in residential real estate. During Fall 2020, he and I brainstormed together and came up with several potential ideas in this space.

Early on, I spent a few weeks chatting with agents, doing general research in this space, and discovered that there seemed to be an opportunity to improve the open house experience

Together, Tom and I used those insights to come up with the business model and strategy.

I conducted dozens of user interviews. I drew up the wireframes and found designers to flesh them out. I hired a no-code developer who built an early version of our product that is live and working.

Right now, we are making tweaks to the product while simultaneously planning our marketing strategy.


I’d love for you to introduce innovative real estate agents to us. We’d much appreciate more user feedback!

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