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Amazon advertising
February 20, 2021

Helping Amazon 3rd party sellers optimize their PPC advertising spend


Built a landing page and created content to test the idea.  


My friend Justin has extensive expertise in advertising. A few years ago, Justin started selling various household products on Amazon and was able to use his advertising skills to rapidly grow his ecommerce business to the scale where it made sense for him to quit his full-time job.

Justin approached me right before NYE 2020, looking for a new business idea. Over the course of several hours, Justin taught me the ins and outs of PPC advertising + Amazon ecommerce. And I recognized the opportunity to make the lives of thousands of Amazon ecommerce sellers easier.

Right now, we are starting with an agency model.

I led the set up of the email sequences and Zapier integrations. And I helped with the content and overall strategy.

Justin will give free advice to grow our audience. Once we prove that there is indeed a market need here and that we can capture it, we plan to transition to a SaaS model.

Only after we get a few paying customers, will we then build the software product—likely with no-code tools.


Intros to 3rd party Amazon sellers would be much appreciated. (For a limited time, my friend Justin—an expert in this space—is offering a FREE audit of their advertising setup – a $300 value!)

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