Have an idea / already building a great business?
What we do and what we look for

We invest money and time to start businesses from scratch with your help.

All you need to do is tell us about a topic or industry that you know a lot about.

We will help you hone in on a customer problem and figure out a business idea around that problem. If all goes well, we can help you build the solution and provide funding.

You lead sales & marketing. We lead product development. And we will be your thought partner.

We welcome solo, non-technical entrepreneurs. We also welcome people who have a full-time job and would like to explore an idea as a side hustle.


For you and for us, time is our most precious resource. Accordingly, we set a high bar for the individuals that we work with.

When evaluating potential opportunities, we think to ourselves: “If we could only partner with one more person for the rest of our careers, would we partner with this person?”.

When Warren Buffett evaluates leaders, he looks for the 3 N’s: Energy, Intelligence, and Integrity. These are the same 3 traits that Optionality Partners focuses on.

In addition, we look for:
  • Great communication skills
  • A high level of maturity
  • The ability to operate under ambiguity

Company type

We believe that any company could be great, as long as you have the right leader and strategy in place.

As such, we are open to any industry and any geography, as long as:

  • We are able to understand the business model.
  • We can get along well with you as our partner

How we can help you start a business from scratch

We can help you test assumptions and refine your business model during our dating process.

We can be flexible with the structure. While we approach every entrepreneur with the philosophy that we could be 50 / 50 partners, we understand that every situation is different.

Above all else, we are looking for solid individuals with whom we would be glad to work to build a great business.

Let’s start by spending 5 minutes to get to know one another!

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