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Our philosophy – maximizing optionality

At Optionality Partners, we believe that you should never risk what you have for what you don’t need.

We craft our partnership agreements to maximize optionality for all parties.

If you have a credible path to create a unicorn and want to follow the traditional venture capital trajectory, we are here to support you. But if you would prefer to grow at a more sustainable rate, and focus on cash-flow profitability, we would be just as happy to help.

At Optionality Partners, we believe in transparent communication to align interests.

We are not the typical venture investor. We really want to understand you as an individual. And we want you to understand us as well. In fact, you can think of our investment process as dating combined with mentorship and coaching.

At Optionality Partners, we approach every entrepreneur with the philosophy that we could be 50 / 50 partners.

Every successful start-up requires some combination of time, money, and experience. One partner may contribute more in one area—or in all areas. Just as there is no magical formula for success, there is no magical formula for the perfect equity split.

The best way to figure out the optimal arrangement is to set a few milestones together and explore what it is like to work with one another in a commitment-free format—hence we call it dating.

Next, learn more about the types of people & companies that we like to invest in & work with.

Or, tell us about your idea / existing business – and we can chat.

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